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Morning/Evening Routine Guide

How Does The Goal Journal Work?

Step 1: Build Your Awareness By Breaking Down Your Goals  Tracking & Measuring

Step 2: Visualize Your Success. Create Your New Story, Create New Habits and New Morning/Evening Routine

Step 3: Take Action: Help You Be, Do, Have More and help those you have been called to serve

Step 4: Be aware of Your creations, Learn from them and build your awareness for the next step

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Cody has worked with:

Attention: Solopreneurs, Network Marketers,  

Real Estate Agents And Side Hustlers 

We've uncovered the Forgotten Formula 

That Has Been Forgotten For Ages...

But has the ability to help you Create Abundance, Success & Freedom In Your Life and Business...

From: Cody Dean
Salt Lake City, Utah

You have a message that you want to share with the world.

You have big dreams that you want to accomplish...

You feel stuck...

You see many people around you succeeding almost effortlessly

Do they know something you don't?

Is there some formula for success?

You've been spinning your wheels for too long.

I'm here to tell you...
It's not your fault.

The world has forgotten the keys to creating success and freedom,  

The world Never taught you how to create 

My name is Cody Dean and just a few years ago, I felt stuck.

 I felt like I had a message to share with the world and I knew that I was meant for more than what the world had given me.

 I wanted to live my life to the fullest

I didn't know how to accomplish my dreams...

You've heard the saying that "if you can dream it you can do it"... trust me, I had been doing a bunch of dreaming!

I dreamed of ABUNDANCE!!

I dreamed of SUCCESS!

I dreamed of FREEDOM!

I wanted to make something of my life...

So I moved to california to make my fortune...

I moved to California for a summer to do Door-to-Door Sales.  

It was hard work, but I knew that there was a potential for a lot of money!  How great would it be get rid of all of my DEBT!!

I didn't want just money, but I wanted the freedom that comes with eliminating the debts in my life, that includes financial, physical, spiritual and mental.

I started off with great excitement.. and I was horrible.

I was terrible at selling... even people that wanted the product I was selling would say they would "think about it"

Everyone told me "Keep working hard"  

"Stay motivated"

"Don't give up"

I was motivated, I wanted to work hard.
I desired the success...

But no matter what I did,
I didn't Get the results I wanted.

I remember one day I was walking out of a team meeting.

I got a ding from my pocket... someone had texted me.

I reach in my pocket and grab out my phone and I see a strange phone number...

It was the bank.

I had over drafted my account.

I was broke

I was devastated.

Maybe my friends and family were right.

Maybe I couldn't reach my dreams.

Maybe I couldn't be rich.

Maybe I couldn't have freedom.

Then as if it was a gift from God (I know it was)

i found a quote that changed my life.

I was scrolling through the internet and I saw this quote come across my feed... 

it said..

"The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It"

I realized the key 
to survival and growth 
is creation

If I wanted Success...  I needed to CREATE IT.

If I wanted Abundance.... I needed to CREATE IT.

If I wanted Freedom... I needed to CREATE IT!

I started studying "how to create"...

II realized that there were patterns.

There were patterns that the ultra successful used.
(consciously or unconsciously)

I started recognizing the patterns and started to form a formula.

This formula I named 

"The Creation Formula" or "The Creation Cycle"

And The Impact & Results were amazing!

I started selling alot.

I sold more in one day than what I had sold the entire month before.

This got me excited.  I kept learning and progressing.

Was able to become one of the top rookies 

and then the next year went on to become one of the top managers and teams in the company.

a Few years later..

I hit my first 6 figure year

One of my major goals was to hit 6 Figures in a year!  And I did it in 3 years.

Now, I was not just creating more money, but I was actually making a difference in my family, my relationships, my clients life.

I started teaching others what I was learning.

Others started seeing more and more success in their lives!

As I was helping other I started putting everything together into my journals.

What if there was a way for you to create your goals? Abundance? Success? Freedom in your life?


 Real Estate Agents


 Network Marketers

 Stay At Home Moms

 Side Hustlers


I want to help YOU Create Success, Abundance and freedom as well!

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I want to send you a copy of my Brand new Goal Creation Journal, ASAP!!!!

Use Your Journal to help you with the following... 

Inside The Goal Creation Journal, You'll Learn the Creation Formula As Well As How To Create Your Dreams And Goal Into Reality.

Step # 1: Building Your Awareness

How do you build your awareness?

Where does your Awareness come from?

Where to focus your Awareness?

What to focus your Awareness on?

Attention Vs. Awareness

What is Attention?

How to control your attention?

How does Awareness relate to Consciousness

Step # 2: Creative Visualization

What is visualization?

What is the secret to Visualization?

How do you visualize?

Visualization vs. Meditation vs. Creatitation. 

Where should you Visualize?

What is the Reticular Activating System?

Step # 3: Action

How to take the correct action.

How to tackle new stories

How to create powerful proclomations

What is the worst action to take?

How to take multiple actions with multiple people

What to do when you fail.

Step # 4: Creation

How to know what you're creating

What is creation?

What is creation timing?

When do you know to counter-create.

What is in a name of creation?

What do I do next??

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What Are Others Saying About The Goal Creation Journal?

"The Goal Creation Journal has literally changed my life in less than 3 months. I used to barely hit my quota and was in constant fear of losing my job.
 I went from a meager $65,000 annual income to a whopping $130,000 annual income! Instead of just scraping by, I now have the money to do anything I want. Not only have I become secure financially, I am secure mentally as well."
-A. Mcdonald

"Cody and The Goal Creation Journal has brought my business to life and it has only been a couple of months! I can't wait to see where I can take this in the future!"
D. Baker

"This has helped me go from being one of the struggling new guys at my job into one of the top performers, my paychecks have literally tripled in size. Cody’s method of coaching helped me focus on the portions of my sales that I didn’t even know I was struggling with, his years “in the trenches” have given him a unique perspective, he is able to help you avoid pitfalls before they arise, and get out of a slumps and focus on the more important portions of Life"
-D. Kay

Send Me Your Address...

I want to send you a copy of my Brand new Goal Creation Journal, ASAP!!!!

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Bonus # 1 - The Mind Vault

"How To Unlock Your Mind Vault To Its True Potential"

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Many people have their mind locked up in a VAULT!   In the mind vault you're going to learn the Laws of Creation and how to use them to unlock your brain to its full potential

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Bonus # 2 - The Perfect Morning Routine

"How to start your day the right way to escalate success"

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Many people don't start their day right and this causes a spiral effect.  The rest of the day spirals out of control and they are playing catch up.  Learn how you can use the morning to just start your life.

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Bonus # 3 - The Complete Goal Creation Journal Training

"How To Use The Goal Creation Journal"

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Next is a complete training on how to use the Goal Creation Journal to create more abundance, success, and freedom in your life and business!

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Bonus # 4 - Failure & Perfection: Their Gifts & Curse

"How to Overcome Failure & Perfection"

Total Value $97

In this training you're going to learn how to turn your failure and desire for perfection into a gift.  Failure and perfection can be used to move your desires forward.

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Bonus # 5 - The Path To Conscious Freedom

"How To Progress Down The Path to Conscious Freedom"

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Ultimately, you don't just want to create your goals.  You don't want to just have things.. You want freedom.  There is a path to freedom.  You'll learn the path to conscious freedom.

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Bonus # 6 - The Creators Club

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Like mentioned previously, this journal is completely free, all I ask for you is to cover the shipping and handling.

Now I know you're probably thinking one of two things...

"I don't have any goals..."
I've tried going for my goals and I have failed.

That is EXACTLY why you need the Goal Creation Journal!

The goal creation journal will not only inspire you to think bigger and start reaching for your goals, but the goal creation journal will also help you accomplish your goals!

You'll finally be able to get that side hustle going, start marketing your talents and produce income you know you're capable.

Your whole life is a result of what you are currently creating in your life (consciously or unconsciously)

Now you have the tool to take control of your life!

There are no hidden fees

No membership fees

No hidden continuity costs

"So, Cody, why are you doing this??"

I'm so glad that you asked!  There are a few reasons why I am giving away The Goal Creation Journal for FREE.

First, I'm Selfish... the best way to learn (as you will soon find out) is to teach others what you are learning. This is my way of giving back so I can keep moving myself forward. Selfish, I know.

Second, I'm Diversified... One of the topics I teach my coaching clients is to create multiple streams of income.  I do that exact same thing.  I make most my money from other businesses and services.. So it doesn't impact me to give away my journal for free.

Third, I'm Filtering... This journal allows me to get my message out to many people.  I am on a mission to work with the best coaches and people with a message to share.  This journal shows me that you are a person of action and want to take life seriously!  Potentially we may be able to work together in the future!

Now you can't wait forever...

I won't be giving away the Goal Creation Journal Forever! 

 This journal is hardback and 432 pages!  It is quite expensive to manufacturer!   

So I'm only going to be able to give this journal away for free for a VERY limited time!

If this page is still up it means that the offer is still going!  So act fast and act now!

"No One Left Behind" 

I don't want anyone to miss out on the Goal Creation Journal and to experience how it can change their life.

When you order the Goal Creation Journal today, I'm Going to 100% Guarantee that you LOVE the Goal Creation Journal.  If you are not completely in love and satisfied with the Goal Creation Journal I will refund the 9.95 shipping cost and you can even keep the journal!

That is right.  I know that you'll love the journal. Just email me or give me a call at the number on your receipt.

Sound fair enough?

Let me show you EVERYTHING you get when you order Goal Creation Journal Today!

 Goal Creation Journal Mini ($49.95 Value)

The Mind Vault ($97 Value)

The Perfect Morning Routine ($97 Value)

 Goal Creation Training ($97 Value)

 Failure & Perfection Training ($97 Value)

 The Path To Conscious Freedom Ebook ($97 Value)

 The Creators Club Group ($97 Value)

Total Value: $631.95

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Just Cover The Shipping & Handling

Thanks for being apart of this world and reading all of this.

Here is to your success & freedom,

Cody Dean

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The Goal Creation Journal Last?

The Goal Creation Journal Mini Will Last Over 100 Days.
The Goal Creation Journal Hardcover Will Last Over 52 Weeks

 Is The Goal Creation Journal Dated?

The Goal Creation Journal is Undated, and can be used at any time of year

 Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The Goal Creation Journal retails for 24.95, but we have bought it for you. We just ask that you help cover the shipping and handling which is 8.95.
There are no recurring fees or subscriptions.

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